Opening the door of the Val d'Astico, on the old road leading to Trento, leaving behind the historic brewery under the Summano, and then the Meda’s castle ruins, you will meet Velo d'Astico.

A place dear to Fogazzaro, who built here his "Montanina", a country rich in history, from Velo lords, with their sixteenth-century villa, to the ancient St George parish church and the beautiful villa Valmarana under Cengio’s mountainside.

The Marquis Antonio Roi too felt in love with Velo and he enjoyed his holidays in his cottage, from the end of the thirties on, partying and swimming with his distinguished guests.

It was our farmers cooperative, more than twenty years ago, to revive this house, abandoned for years, in a farm holiday, and either under four major copper-beeches, or in the neighboring house, mingle hour noise mingle with yesterday and today voices.